HXCNC-850 machining center


Machine features:X / Y / Z three-axis slideway adopts high-precision wire rail guide, which can support heavy load and ensure positioning accuracy during high-speed operation. + All main parts are analyzed by 3D dynamic finite element method, which can enhance the st

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Guangdong Hongxuan CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 2008 and moved from Shenzhen to Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in 2014. It is currently located in the junction area of Songshan Lake Taiwan High Tech Park and Dalang, Dongguan City, which has developed water and land transportation. The company is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of CNC lathes, turning and milling centers, automatic mechanical arms and customized special machine tools. It is committed to providing customers with complete automatic processing solutions. Since its establishment, Hongxuan CNC has been widely recognized by customers, industry organizations and government authorities. In 2016, it obtained the trademark registration right of "Hongxuan" and was awarded the title of "Guangdong high tech enterprise" in 2019. The company has a professional technical team to escort Hongxuan CNC machine tools. Before each Hongxuan CNC machine tool leaves the factory, it must pass strict quality inspection to ensure the perfect combination of its quality and quality control. After years of accumulation and continuous innovation, Hongxuan CNC R & D has achieved fruitful results. The company takes high-end CNC machine tool series such as turning and milling compound machine tools, row cutter CNC lathes, turret CNC lathes, machining centers, drilling and tapping centers, double spindle CNC turning and milling as its main products, supplemented by automatic mechanical arm equipment and customized special machine tool CNC equipment, and is committed to leading customers to continuous improvement.


X / Y / Z axis stroke mm 800 / 500 / 500 (max550)
Worktop to spindle end face (mm): 110-610
Spindle center to z-axis guide rail end face (mm): 560


Workbench size (mm): 1000 * 500
Workbench load (kg): 500
T-groove size (width * number of grooves * distance) mm 18-5 * 90

principal axis

Spindle speed (RPM)
Belt 8000-10000
Spindle taper (mm): bt40-150
Spindle motor power kw 7.5
Screw X / Y / Z axis screw specification mm 4012 (ball screw)

X/Y/ Z-axis guide rail X / Y-axis linear slide rail / Z-axis rectangular guide rail

X / Y / Z axis stroke mm 800 / 500 / 500 (max550)
Worktop to spindle end face (mm): 110-610
Spindle center to z-axis guide rail end face (mm): 560
Workbench size (mm): 1000 * 500
Workbench load (kg): 500


  1. Preliminary preparation for installation
   1) please ensure that the ground foundation of the machine tool placement area is firm. Large machines need to be prefabricated with cement foundation, and the foundation drawing will be notified separately.
  2) please install three-phase 380V, 50Hz power supply in advance, and ensure good grounding. It is recommended to attach stabilized power supply.
    3) please ensure that there is no less than 0.6MPa air source and that the compressed air is dry and free of moisture.
    4) please prepare lubricating oil and cutting fluid in advance. The specification of guide rail lubricating oil is ISO VG68, and the optional spindle oil cooler is ISO vg10.
   5) the buyer is requested to designate operators and maintenance personnel of the machine and assign special personnel to assist our company in the installation and commissioning of the machine tool.
  2. Commissioning and acceptance
   standard name and Standard No
Acceptance standard for geometric accuracy of machine tools (JB / T 8771.2-1998)
  acceptance standard for positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy of machine tools (JB / T 8771.4-1998 or jisb6330)
  1) before installation, commissioning and acceptance, the buyer shall make preparations according to the requirements of Article 1.
  2) appearance inspection: the personnel of the buyer and the Seller shall conduct visual inspection of the appearance, and the tools and accessories shall be counted and accepted according to the contract and accessories.
3) performance and function acceptance: acceptance shall be conducted according to the scope of supply of machinery and controller determined by both parties.
4) mechanical accuracy acceptance: the acceptance shall be based on the accuracy inspection records on the random factory certificate provided by our company.
5) after the acceptance is completed, the buyer shall immediately sign the installation and commissioning acceptance sheet in duplicate, one for each party.
  3. Training
   Party B is responsible for the technical training for Party A, the training time is 1-2 working days, and the training personnel are 1-5. The training place is Party B, and the training can also be conducted in Party A's company. The training contents include machine tool structure, performance and function, CNC system, programming and operation, machine tool maintenance and other knowledge. The trainees shall take care of their own food and accommodation.
Training content
  1 operation
  1) startup and shutdown steps:
    2) introduction to key functions of operation panel;
   3) operation explanation of the start, interruption and end of the processing program;
4) recovery after ATC interruption;
   5) introduction of precautions for machine tool operation;
6) operation practice.
  2 programming
1) introduction of coordinate system;
  2) introduction of G instruction, m, s and t instruction;
  3) introduction to the composition and structure of the program;
   4) description of the method of editing, storing and using the program;
5) introduction of programming precautions;
6) programming practice.
  3 maintenance
1) introduction of mechanical structure;
  2) introduction to key points of daily maintenance;
3) introduction of general fault diagnosis methods;
4) introduction to general troubleshooting methods;
5) maintenance practice.

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