Dongguan Hung Xuan CNC technology co.,ltd., Its predecessor is Shenzhen Hong Xuan CNC technology co., ltd., Foundedin 2008, is a professional set of product design, research and development,manufacturing and sales of integrated Enterprise. The Division has a group ofexperienced professional mechanical engineering designers and precisionprocessing equipment, exquisite processing technology and modern managementmode for the production of high-quality products have laid a firm foundation.Since the enterprise since its inception, and constantly committed to themodern production trend of new product development and manufacturing, thecompany can produce a number of varieties of CNC machine Tools. The mainproduction and operation of CNC lathe, cnc lathe row cutter, cnc lathe turretmachine, with y-axis car milling composite machine, inclined bed cnc lathe,inclined bed body gauge CNC lathe, 25 cnc lathe, 36 cnc lathe, 46 cnc lathe, 52type cnc lathe, cnc lathe, cnc lathe with end milling Power head, Electricspindle cnc lathe, cnc lathe with side milling power First class more than 10series Products. Companies adhere to the concept of creating value forcustomers, the quality of enterprises, the implementation of brand strategy,the formation of the integration of research and industry, Science and industryone-stop industrial Pattern. In the positive to meet the personalized needs ofusers at the same time, the formation of their own brand Advantages. and set upits own marketing services outlets and distinctive characteristics ofafter-sales service STANDARDS. Products sold in the domestic market, and alarge number of exports to europe, the United states, Southeast Asia and othercountries and regions. We firmly believe that only the main beam stability, technologicalinnovation, to grasp the future, market competition is increasingly fierce,development and challenges coexist today, the company adhering to the"customer first, Forge ahead" Business philosophy and adhere to the"continuous innovation, customer satisfaction," The quality policy,to provide our customers with quality service, welcome the community to visitus.

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