Cutter type CNC lathe-36ZF (30 degree row machine)


Machine features:The overall layout of the rowing machine series is compact, with a small footprint and independent spindle unit. The temperature is low....

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Processing range
Maximum turning diameter                                 350MM
Processing diameter (disc type)                          350MM
Maximum processing diameter (shaft type)            34MM
Maximum machining workpiece length                 100MM
Maximum bar through hole diameter                     34MM
X-axis effective stroke (diameter)                       850MM

Z axis effective stroke                                       220MM


Processing range
Maximum turning diameter                                      350MM
Processing diameter (disc type)                               350MM
Maximum processing diameter (shaft type)                34MM
Maximum machining workpiece length                      100MM
Maximum bar through hole diameter                        34MM
X-axis effective stroke (diameter)                            850MM
Z axis effective stroke                                           220MM
Spindle nose form                                                A2-4
Spindle maximum speed                                        6000RPM
Spindle through hole diameter                               46MM
Spindle motor power                                            3.7KW/5.5KW
Hydraulic chuck and rotary cylinder specifications       5 inch
Fast moving rate X/Z                                             24M/MIN
X/Z axis servo motor                                             0.85KW
Knife tower
Turret specification
Positioning accuracy                                             ±0.005
Repeat positioning accuracy                                  ±0.003
size and weight
Dimensions                                                        1900×1580×1800MM
Weight                                                             2600KG
Installation, commissioning, acceptance and training

1. Preparation for installation

1) Please ensure that the grounding foundation of the machine placement area is firm, large-scale machines need prefabricated cement foundation, and the foundation map will be notified separately.

2) Please install the three-phase 380V, 50Hz power supply in advance, and ensure that the grounding is good. It is recommended to have a regulated power supply.

3) Please ensure that there is no less than 0.6MPa air source and that the compressed air is dry and free of water.

4) Please prepare the lubricating oil and chip liquid in advance. The guide rail oil specification is ISO VG68, and the optional spindle oil cooler is ISO VG10.

5) Please ask the buyer to specify the operator and maintenance personnel of the machine, and assign special personnel to assist our company to install and debug the machine tool.
1) Prepare the buyer for the requirements of Article 1 before installing and adjusting the work.

2) Appearance inspection: Visual inspection of the appearance of the personnel of both buyers and sellers, tools and accessories shall be checked and accepted according to the contract and attachments.

3) Performance and function acceptance: Acceptance according to the scope of supply of the machinery and controller determined by both parties.

4) Mechanical precision acceptance: According to the accuracy inspection record provided by our company on the random factory certificate, the basis for acceptance is accepted.

5) After the acceptance is completed, the buyer must immediately sign the “Installation Adjustment Test Invoice” in duplicate, and each party will keep one copy.

3. Training

Party B is responsible for technical training for Party A. The training time is 1-2 working days, and the training personnel are 1 to 5 people. The training location is in Party B, and training can also be conducted in Party A. The training includes machine structure, performance and function, CNC system, programming and operation, machine maintenance and other knowledge.
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