CNC machine tool disassembly relocation installation and debugging plan

Release Date:2018-05-16

Hongxuan CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of CNC equipment. The company was established in 2008 and is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product design, R&D, manufacturing and sales. The company has a group of experienced professional mechanical engineering designers and sophisticated processing equipment, exquisite processing technology and modern management mode to lay a firm foundation for the production of quality products. At the same time, there is also a lot of practical experience in the installation and relocation of CNC equipment. The following Hongxuan CNC technology will explain to you what details the CNC equipment needs to pay attention to when relocating and installing. details as follows


First, brief process description
1.1 Preparation before relocation
1.1.1 Staff preparation.
For all the construction workers to carry out the technical delivery of the project, and for each specific CNC machine tool construction workers to carry out the construction process requirements, quality requirements. Construction precautions, etc. shall be submitted to the bottom. All participating construction personnel shall be familiar with the site, drawings, specifications and regulations, and shall be aware of the facts of everyone and not blindly operate.
Personnel plan
(1) 4 people removed from CNC machine tools
(2) CNC machine tool installation for 4 people
(3) 1 manager
1.1.2 Tool preparation,
"For all construction machinery, testing equipment (table), cleaning CNC machine tools, labor insurance supplies, etc. for inspection, acceptance, storage, protection of all construction workers.
113 technical information,
For the relocated CNC machine tools, carry out data backup of CNC machine tools, organize technical information of CNC machine tools, and formulate detailed steps for disassembling machines. 1.1.4 Inspection before relocation,
. Verify the appearance of the CNC machine tool;
B. Confirm the technical parameters and operation status of the CNC machine tool, c. Check the installation condition of the CNC machine tool:
D. Mapping the mutual position between the CNC machine tools, operating the position, and drawing the relevant map. 11.5 Communication before relocation:
With the owner of the CNC machine tool manager, CNC machine maintenance personnel, carry out technical communication of the relocation details. 1.2 Demolition of CNC machine tools for CNC machine tools
1.2.1 In addition to the necessary CNC machine tool sheet metal, it is convenient to hoist the CNC machine tool, and the removed screws are stored in the screw hole of the CNC machine tool;
1.2.2 Fix and support the moving parts of CNC machine tools to prevent slipping during the lifting process, damage parts or cause accidents;
1.2.3 Dismantle the wires, tubing and air pipe of the CNC machine tool, and do the demolition mark. 1.2.4 Remove the total power supply of the CNC machine tool and separate the parts of the CNC machine tool.
1.3 CNC machine tool CNC machine installation
1.3.1 CNC machine tools CNC machine tools in place,

1.3.2 The initial level of CNC machine tools,

1.3.3 Installation and connection of separate parts of CNC machine tools; 1.3.4 Connection of tubing, air pipe, air pipe and cable of CNC machine tools, 13.5 power supply of CNC machine tools, removal of fixing and supporting parts, 13.6 fine adjustment of CNC machine tools, fixing of feet , 1.3.7 CNC machine tool action, function recovery test, 1.3.8 CNC machine tool sheet metal installation 1
13.9 CNC machine tools and cleaning plans for the construction site. 1.4 Acceptance of CNC machine tools for CNC machine tools (see Chapter 6)

Second, the removal details require 2.1 to mark
“In order to facilitate the smooth demolition and restoration of installation work, the demolition of CNC machine tools adopts a unified marking method, that is, the method of digital standard position. The demolition of electric CNC machine tools is basically carried out by the same method, and according to the complexity of electric CNC machine tools. ,corresponding
Add some marker symbols.
Each line (CNC machine tool) limit finger block, travel switch, non-contact switch, when conditions permit, as far as possible not to remove, to reduce the work after adjustment after installation, must be removed, must be strictly determined The position of the probe and the relative position and distance of the workpiece "or the block, the installation position, and record, draw a sketch.
For each line of CNC machine tools, the relevant positioning dimensions should be calibrated according to the possible lack of data in the future, and sketches should be drawn to record the specific data in order to reset the installation.
For the coupling between the two CNC machines, there should be a reset mark and positioning mark. And as far as possible, the symbols are unified on one line, and the part numbers can be connected to the workstation of the CNC machine tool.
For CNC machines that are difficult to identify, there must be obvious signs of installation orientation. .
All kinds of disassembly symbols, signs, must be secure, positioning marks and positioning size measurement points should be carried out as far as possible according to permanent requirements, so as to avoid damage and cross paste caused by the transportation of the box, etc., affecting the installation.
Recording work is a guarantee for the smooth progress of the installation work. It must be handled by a special person. If you need the work approved by Party A, you must adhere to the signing system, especially the defect record of CNC machine tool inspection and the packing list record. 22 disassembly record
221Because the dismantled CNC machine tools are generally old CNC machine tools, before the disassembly, we should check the appearance, relative position, installation accuracy and process conditions of each CNC machine tool, and fill in the signing with the owner and relevant technical personnel. form. As the basis for future acceptance of work, to prevent data loss of CNC machine tools, it is necessary to make a backup in time.
222 Before the disassembly, the numerical control machine tool label is a very important and meticulous work. It is necessary to do this for the dismantling of CNC machine tools.
For the work, when dismantling, it should be numbered according to the system of labeling, and some parts of the CNC machine tool should be positioned and marked with nicknames to ensure the smooth installation in the future. In addition, in addition to the marking of the disassembly, such as The technical block of the CNC machine tool, the position of the head limit switch, the mounting position of various sensors, the safety device, the original position of the safety valve, and a number of ring-shaped mounting parts, symmetrical mounting parts. It is possible to change the position during the disassembly and assembly process. When disassembling, make the positioning mark, and it can be easily restored to the original position during installation, reducing unnecessary adjustments and mistakes.
223 According to the general disassembly principle, combined with the actual situation of each CNC machine tool, determine the number of main disassembled parts, the external dimensions of each piece and the estimated amount. Before demolition, the relevant dimensions of each part should be drawn. Draw the necessary piping system diagrams and take protective measures for the running rails, power heads and various sensing components. guide,
2.2.4 Pipeline and line removal
When disassembling, the branch pipe should be dismantled first and then the main pipe should be removed. Finally, the bracket. The pipeline within the dimensions of the disassembled parts of other CNC machine tools is no longer disassembled. When the hose is connected with the CNC machine tool, it will be connected to the pipe and then detached, and the hose will be tied to the CNC machine. Pay special attention to the following points when disassembling.
A. Draw the necessary piping system diagram for each production line.
B. Because there are more tubes to be disassembled, the installation label must be hung on both sides of the dismantled pipe joints, and the removed pipe joints should be wrapped to avoid damage to the thread and dirt;
C. The gaskets attached to the pipe joints shall not be lost. The pipes removed may be bundled according to the medium type they are contained in, and the packing marks are hung. The bags can be wrapped together in the pipe joints. , to the designated location, E. When disassembling, you must use appropriate work and equipment, and the force is appropriate. Each piece must be packed with a packing number and rust-proofed before it can be packed.
2.2.5 Disintegration
According to the specific conditions and transportation requirements of each process CNC machine tool, determine whether it disintegrates, and pay attention to the following points in the process of disassembly.
3. In the process of dismantling, it is necessary to do a detailed inspection and disassembly, and draw out the necessary process. Have a record. Layout plan. 22.6 Disassembly of the electrical system
The following points should be noted in the removal of the electrical system of each processing line (CNC machine).
Before disassembling, be familiar with the relative position of each electric CNC machine tool, understand the cable direction and its meaning.
B. Draw the mutual position between each electrical CNC machine. Before disassembling the bridge, first draw a three-dimensional map, then mark the installation number on the map, and then mark the installation number on the cable tray. Disassembly,
The gas disassembly and assembly is safe, convenient and reliable. The cable disassembly is carried out from the position of each power head according to the line. D. Before disassembling, first press the line number of the corresponding terminal. The system helps to find the line number of the corresponding terminal first, and all of them are numbered. After careful checking, the cable can be removed. E. For the ultra-high junction box, it should be removed from the column and fixed in the corresponding position. Set in the corresponding position, but the cable can not be stressed.
2.2.7 Cleaning
After the pipe fittings are disassembled, they should be cleaned and rust-proofed in time.
3. Disassembly principles and general requirements
3.1 First easy and difficult, first ground and then high, first peripheral and host, the CNC machine tool that must be dismantled should be as little as possible, and at the same time to meet the packaging requirements when the package is high, and finally achieve the accuracy of the CNC machine after reinstallation. The performance is the same as before the unloading. In order to strengthen post responsibility, the division of labor responsibility system is adopted, who disassembles and who installs.
3.2 Before disassembly, the power supply of the CNC machine must be cut off and removed from the manufacturer and the owner. The location where the water source, gas source, etc. are connected to the power of the workshop.
3.3 Venting lubricant, coolant, cleaning fluid, etc.
3.4 Destructive disassembly and assembly (such as gas cutting, etc.) should be avoided during disassembly. If it is necessary to pass the owner's representative and the competent engineer.
3.5 All wires and cables are not allowed to be broken. The removed wire ends must be marked. For some wire ends, there is no label. It must be replenished and then removed. The wire number is not allowed to be lost. Three internal wire numbers are required before the wire is removed. . The terminal board number and external line number can be removed only after confirming that it is correct, otherwise the line number should be adjusted.
3.6 In the process of dismantling, it is necessary to ensure the absolute safety of the CNC machine tool. It is necessary to select the appropriate machine tool, and it should not be used on a random basis.
3.7 When assembling and disassembling CNC machine tools, remove the bolts, nuts, positioning pins, etc., and then screw them back into the original position to avoid confusion and loss.
3.8 Some movable parts on the CNC machine, such as slides. The power head should lower the center of gravity and lock it with a wooden board. There are many hydraulic pipelines along the way. Before each fold, you must first hang the sign with the installation number, some parts.
3.9 The hydraulic pressure of the CNC machine tool should be used as the positioning line mark. The two ends of the removed pipe should be wrapped with wax paper immediately, and immediately wrapped with wax paper to avoid contamination and damage to the thread.
3.10 The CNC machine tool that has been removed must be stored at the designated location.
3.11 Do not unplug the electrical cabinet inside the CNC machine and seal it with tape.
3.12 Make a disassembly record and hand it to the relevant personnel.
Fourth, the safety technical measures for the demolition construction of CNC machine tools
In order to ensure the safety of demolition and construction, the following requirements and measures must be met.
4.1 Familiar with the environment, understand the operation position of water and gas power control, and must be clearly stopped when disassembling.
4.2 Strictly in accordance with the electrical safety regulations, the stop sign must be hung with a sign that prohibits closing. There are technical measures to prevent accidental power transmission.
4.3 Correct use of on-site workers and implements to understand their performance.
4.4 Strictly comply with fire prevention regulations. When fire operation is required, fire prevention measures must be taken, and special personnel should be inspected. It is strictly prohibited to open fires around flammable and easily smashed objects.
4.5 When disassembling the CNC machine, you must first familiarize yourself with the relevant drawings and CNC machine tools, and prohibit blind operation.
4.6 The site shall be equipped with a full-time security inspector to promptly check and remove unsafe factors.
4.7 To achieve civilized construction, timely clean up the site and waste.

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