What details need to be paid attention to when using the CNC machine

Release Date:2018-05-16

The operating system of the previous CNC machine is the English operation industry. It is completely based on the image of the Chinese-English translation.
But as China's manufacturing has grown stronger, many operating systems have appeared in Chinese operating system interfaces to meet the needs of our Chinese users. For the novice, it is a big gospel. Now we don't have much difficulty in interface operation, but we still need some attention to the actual processing. We need to choose the right number of empty lathe according to our processing needs. If you want to carry out mass production, the row machine is an indispensable model.

So what do newbies need to pay attention to when using the rowing machine? Below we are sharing our experience with our many years of processing experience.

1. The cutter should pay attention to the shape of the clamped tool and the position of the cutter. The positive X-axis is positive for the cutter and negative for the negative.
2. Call the knife number to pay attention to the tool number of the power knife and the drill bit. According to the engineer's meaning, the zero point of one of the two things can't be easily changed. If you think that it is the zero point of the two things, you can not learn.
3. Tool clamping should pay attention to the interference between the tool and the workpiece, leaving room for processing and anti-collision knife.
4. The overall coordinate system offset of some row cutters is opposite to that of other FANUC system inputs. The Z positive direction offset is to input a negative value, and the negative direction offset is to be input a positive value.
5. The tool should pay attention to whether the length of the tool held by the power knife interferes with the spindle and the surface to be machined.
6. Programming must pay attention to the direction of the tool used, affecting the selection and direction judgment of the arc command. X0 different direction of the knife compensation value ± must not be mistaken, or else crash. Because the turret holder clamps the arbor by the taper sleeve, it is necessary to adjust the clamping edge when the center of the cutting edge is high, otherwise there is a high and low, wear tool.

7. Learn to use the outer round knife. When the outer round knife is chamfered, the large diameter to the small diameter car. From the large diameter to the small diameter, the main cutting edge of the cutter is used for turning. From the small diameter to the large diameter, the resistance of the rear corner of the cutter is used. Big.
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