Testing Center

Release Date:2018-05-16

Innovative technology & patent achievements

As a technology-oriented company, Hongxuan always adheres to the principle of “product innovation, technological innovation”, through the introduction of cultivation and joint
Develop independent core technologies of enterprises,
The company has continuously improved the R&D and innovation base of the company, thus laying the core research ability of the customized service of CNC lathe.

Hongxuan CNC Equipment Testing Center

Hongxuan Testing Center is established according to GB/T16462, GB/T18400, GB/T20957 and other standards.

And establish long-term cooperation and exchange with major testing centers at home and abroad. According to major countries such as the European Union and North America

The relevant standards of the region are for testing and certification of the company's products.
The test meets the conditions:
1. Horizontal machine tool geometric accuracy test
2. Linear and rotary axis positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy test
3. Feed, speed and interpolation accuracy test
4. Precision inspection of precision test pieces
5. Evaluation of profile characteristics in the coordinate plane
6. Evaluation of thermal deformation and thermal effects.
7. Horizontal and machine with additional spindle head geometry accuracy test (horizontal Z axis)
8. Verification of the geometric accuracy of the universal spindle head machine with vertical or vertical main axis (vertical Z axis)
9. Overall universal spindle head machine with horizontal main rotary axis machine geometry accuracy test (vertical Z axis)
10. Positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy test of workpiece holding pallet
11. Evaluation of profile characteristics on three coordinate planes
12. Tool conversion and pallet conversion action time evaluation

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